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You should never judge a book by its cover, but you should always judge a business by its website. Web design is the way to impress customers as soon as they begin interacting with your business. And not just to impress visitors but also to make them engaged and ready to take action. After all, what’s the point of a small business website if it cannot drive conversions?

Big Site Media is a results driven web design agency that builds both attractive and high-converting websites. We know how to grab the attention of your audience with eye-pleasing visuals and lead them further down the sales funnel with educational content. We prepare an all-around web design approach to help your pages rank higher in engine searches. Using the best practices of search engine optimization and paid advertising, our team gives your business a massive awareness boost.

Big Site Media designs websites that work to your advantage.

How Can We Help?


Almost anyone can craft a website these days, but only expert designer teams like Big Site Media can make you a stunning site that puts your company above the rest. It is simply a matter of trust and authority.

Let us give you an example: When you go out to meet an important business partner, do you wear professional attire or outworn jeans and a t-shirt? The answer is obvious because you have to look persuasive and trustworthy. The same logic applies to your website.

First impressions are vital in business, so your website needs to prove professionalism and authority right away. Our duty is to make sure that your business looks credible by building a beautiful yet simple, actionable, and easily navigable website.


Big Site Media finds the best way to tell the story of your small business using customized templates that perfectly correspond with your branding strategy.


You are the one who does the talking on the first step. We do the listening part because we want to understand the nature of your work and figure out your business vision. This allows us to prepare for the realization of the project.


We are taking over from here and designing a website that reflects your instructions and business requirements. But you are not excluded from the process – we stay in touch to discuss possible variations and identify the finest design solution.


Big Site Media is making sure to seamlessly blend the design and functionality of your website. Our developers will add every major function to the site without jeopardizing the user experience or overloading the interface.


After a series of functionality tests, we are ready to kickstart your website. It is the final stage of the web design process, but our work is not over yet as we are still available for post-deployment consultations and website management support.

Ice cream time

First Encounter

This is where it all begins – not just the web design process, but your initiation to the world of serious business. You can contact us any way you want because Big Site Media is available around the clock via phone, contact form, email, social media, and live chat.

Website Content Questionnaire

The Questionnaire

Here at Big Site Media, we are proud of our surveying system as it helps the clients give us all the business-related instructions we need to start designing the website. Our questionnaire contains over 100 input fields, but don’t let it scare you as we are only interested in basics that you can answer very quickly.

Web Design Team


This is where we do our little hocus-pocus and experiment with web design ideas, color schemes, webpage templates, images, fonts, and all other elements that make a high-quality small business website. As our client, you will have a dedicated Account Manager who will provide you with explanations and guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

Website testing.


You are going to love the draft version of the website, but we do not take things for granted. On the contrary, our quality assurance team conducts a series of tests to inspect multi-device functionality and check CTA buttons, URLs, and every other website component before the actual release.

Brand colors is important

Going Live

Congratulations, your website is alive and kicking! You are now officially a small business owner with a professional website! The best thing is that Big Site Media is providing additional support in terms of content creation and SEO. Don’t forget that your site needs fresh and keyword-rich posts in order to stay relevant in engine searches. If you don’t have the time or skills to handle it, we will assist you in finding the right topics and creating highly readable posts.

Website Advertising


New websites have a hard time making a breakthrough, which makes advertising a genuine necessity. We can help you raise awareness almost instantly with Google Ads and Facebook advertising campaigns.


Website design may seem like a complex and time-consuming process, but it all starts with a simple email or phone call. Our agents are at your disposal 24/7 and you can get in touch right now.

Big Site Media is waiting to hear from you – let’s make amazing things together!

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