Five Ideas to Keep Website Relavent

Five Ideas to Keep Your Website Relevant

What is the single biggest mistake a website owner can make? It is to build a small business website and leave it like that for good.

Website administration is not a one-time thing, but rather an ongoing process that continues for as long as your company is alive and kicking. Take a look at the best websites in any niche and you will realize that they are always up to date and filled with relevant information.

They do it because 70% of consumers would rather learn something from a blog post rather than from traditional ads. This is also why 60% of marketers create at least one piece of content every day.

70% of consumers would rather learn something 
from a blog post rather than from traditional ads. Click To Tweet

The point is that you have to keep the website relevant in order to make visitors keep coming back for more. Here are five ways to do it successfully.

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    Create a Content Calendar

    Content creation is a long-term process and it requires long-term planning. Instead of making posts ad hoc and doing things without a strategy, you need to craft a content calendar that gives you and your team members a clear overview of forthcoming tasks.

    Most companies create monthly calendars that take into consideration details like corporate events, new product releases, holiday seasons, major sports or cultural events, and similar. Another option is to analyze the audience and see what’s popular with a tool like Google Trends. Of course, business websites also require evergreen posts that can stand the test of time.

    Creating a content calendar is quite simple as you can even do it in Excel, but there are specialized platforms that make the process a lot easier. For example, CoSchedule is one of the finest planning tools as it allows entire departments to schedule activities and cooperate transparently. Other high-quality scheduling tools include Buffer, Edit Flow, Edgar, and Oktopost.

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    Refresh Your Web Design

    What was the last time you tried something new and refreshed your website? Web design is extremely important because it tells the brand story through colors, images, templates, and many other visual elements.

    Even if you think that the current version of the site is perfect, regular visitors will get tired of it after a while. Luckily enough, there are lots of ways to revitalize a small business website without rebranding. The best solutions are:

    • Modern visuals: The simplest option is to replace old images with new and modern visuals. The only thing that matters is to use high-resolution images and avoid stock photos.
    • Mobile optimization: The number of smartphone owners is growing rapidly, so it’s important to optimize your site for mobile experiences.
    • SEO best practices: Give your customers the chance to find you quickly by implementing the best practices of search engine optimization.
    • Increased page load speed: Website visitors will not wait for a page to load for more than a couple of seconds. You can use tools like Google Page Speed Insights to speed up the website and make it load much faster.
    • New functions: Have you ever thought about adding new functions to your website? Our favorite ideas include premium membership content, webinars, and infographics.
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    Repurpose Old Content

    No matter how hard you try, you will be running out of content ideas from time to time. But don’t let it disturb you as there is a way out – you can repurpose old content and breathe new life into evergreen posts.

    How does it work?

    First of all, you must identify old posts that already generated a lot of traffic. Such posts have the greatest potential to become popular again and they usually don’t require too much work from your side. All it takes is to refresh your article by adding newer statistical facts, replace images, insert quotes, or mention new tools and apps.

    The second option is to convert a given content format into a different one. For example, you can take an old interview and turn it into a blog post. You can also turn blogs into videos, statistical reports into infographics, and so on.

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    Design Content with the Local Connotation

    Another trick to win over the target audience and keep your website fresh is to publish content with the local connotation. This is very important for stores and office-powered businesses targeting local communities and nearby consumers.

    For instance, you can post images of local tourist attractions, well-known sightseeing places, and cultural heritage trademarks. You can also create community-focused articles from time to time and add keywords and phrases that are relevant to the local audience. Such a tactic has two main benefits:

    • It serves as a relationship-building driver since local customers will be glad to see a small business paying attention to their interests and promoting community trademarks.
    • It boosts your SEO strategy because nearby searchers will discover your company faster if you include location-based optimization features.
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    Make the Content Shareable

    Are you aware of the fact that nearly four billion people use social media worldwide? It’s a critical communication tool that you have to take advantage of and promote your small business website. And it’s not even difficult – all you need is to install a social sharing plugin to make your web pages shareable.

    If you are running a website on WordPress, you can find dozens of free plugins that enable users to share your content on their social media accounts. The best thing about it is that you can choose which social media sharing icons to add to the site, while the most popular options include platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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