Graphic Design

Graphic design is the art of visual communication. It represents a combination of elements built for one reason only – to make a meaningful, pleasurable, and usable product. Your small business website is only one example of design, but the concept goes well beyond the Internet realm to cover everything from business cards to brand logos.


If you think graphic design is a bit vague and convoluted, you are absolutely right!


But graphic design is the kind of art Big Site Media is turning into everyday craftsmanship. We help our clients attract their clients with simple but highly creative visual solutions. We help clients like you to make a memorable brand and build a successful small business. Let us show you how.

It All Begins With A Logo

It takes a whole bunch of visual elements to build a breathtaking brand, but one of them is more important than all the others. A logo represents an anchor of your company’s visual identity. Customers will see your logo everywhere – in the upper left corner of the company website, on your business cards, brochures, email signatures, and so on.

Big Site Media will make a perfect logo for your small business.

What does it mean? Perfect means simple enough for everyone to understand it. It means designing a logo that makes a strong first impression. Perfect also means different, relevant, unique, professional, customized, timeless, and informative.

It may seem like a little bit too much to ask from such a small symbol, but that’s the way we do things here at Big Site Media. We don’t take graphic design for granted. We don’t leave a single stone unturned. And we don’t call it a day until we know it’s perfect for your business and your brand identity.


Big Site Media is proud of its tailored graphic design approach and the process that leads to the unmatched client satisfaction rate. Here’s how it works:

We Pay Attention

Every small business is unique and we treat it as such. We don’t use readymade schemes or prefixed visual templates. Big Site Media pays attention to your opinion and your business needs before making any concrete moves.

We Possess the Know-How

Graphic design is by no means easy, but it gets a lot simpler if you have the know-how like Big Site Media does. Our team consists of genuine industry professionals with years of experience and hundreds of successfully completed projects.

We Are Creative

Professionalism can only get you so far in graphic design, but we are lucky enough to form a group of creative individuals who make graphic design products with a tweak. Our job is not just a job - it’s a passion that inspires us!

We Let You Decide

Big Site Media takes care of graphic design on your behalf, but the final word is all yours. We are here to explain the process and come up with more than one solution, but we always encourage clients to decide what suits them the most.

Family Walking on Beach


Keep it simple, stupid! It’s a popular design proverb that explains everything in a nutshell. Graphic design is all about simplicity because you want customers to understand the visual message as soon as they spot it. Less is more in graphic design and Big Site Media proves it with each new product.

Footprints on the beach


The purpose of design is to make people see what you want them to see. That’s why we use the rule of thirds to divide a canvas into equally sized vertical and horizontal sections, thus creating the so-called focal areas of the visual product. Your key messages are to be found in focal areas.


First things first! It’s not a cliché, but rather one of the key graphic design postulates. Big Site Media organizes design elements in order of importance through the combination of different font sizes and typical eye-movement patterns.

Brand colors is important


Do you think all that space between elements is left there unintentionally? Absolutely not! Whitespace, also known as negative space, is there with a purpose. Whitespace makes design simple and focused while drastically improving the readability of the text.

Brand colors is important


Contrast is the foundation of graphic design for two highly specific reasons. First of all, it makes textual content readable and it is the reason why most books and websites use black typography on the white background. Secondly, contrasting colors guide viewers and help them discover important elements.


Graphic design is complex indeed, but don’t let it intimidate you. Big Site Media will create every visual product for your small business. From logos and leaflets to brochures and catalogs, we will design products that suit your company and your branding guidelines.

Your only job is to give us a call and tell us what you need. The rest is up to Big Site Media.

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