Five personal brand websites

Five Best Personal Brand Websites

Have you ever heard of the term self-branding?

The concept is taking the world by storm and expanding the borders of branding as we know it. Today, every business professional represents a full-time personal brand. Self-branding is the act of turning yourself into an industry thought leader, while the goal of this process is to take your career or business to a higher level.

Perhaps you find it all too confusing, but let us give you an example: Do you occasionally search your name on Google to see what comes out? That’s basically you being curious about your personal brand.

Other people do it, too, while a report shows that nearly 60% of recruiters are less likely to interview a candidate they can’t find online. It is clear that almost everyone has a bunch of social media profiles, but the thing that truly distinguishes great personal brands from poorly-planned ones is a website.

In this post, we will show you some of the best personal brand websites and explain what makes them so great. Let’s take a look!

  • Melanie DaVeid

    Melanie DaVeid is a UX designer and Art Director. She comes from Austria, but she lives in Berlin and you can see it on her website. Berlin is often regarded as the cultural center of the world, so it’s clear why a creative person like Melanie decided to move to Germany.

    What do we love about her personal brand website?

    First of all, we admire Melanie’s minimalistic approach as she follows the movement’s logic ‘less is more’. There are no unnecessary details to keep you distracted from the key message – Melanie is a highly creative Art Director.

    Secondly, this website uses carefully selected elements to emphasize Melanie’s creative potential. We are talking about handwritten typography, intriguing and dynamic imagery, and colors that divide different parts of the website while making a perfect combination altogether.

    Thirdly, Melanie makes sure to build a powerful personal brand by explaining what makes her so special among creative designers. You can read about her workflow and then move on to Melanie’s impressive portfolio of works.

     Melanie DaVeid website

  • Lisa Elias

    Lisa Elias is an artist-blacksmith from Minneapolis who crafts amazing metal products for indoor and outdoor decoration. She has an impressive resume packed with art exhibitions and works made for private collectors.

    What’s the deal with this personal brand site?

    As you can see already, self-branding experts tend to create simple and minimalistic websites. They do it to highlight their portfolios, so visitors and potential clients can instantly check out their work and decide whether it’s good enough.

    As a genuine artist, Lisa added a lot of images of her products that show just how good she is at making metal artwork. You can even watch a video about Lisa produced by Minnesota Public Television. Besides that, Lisa added only a few basic categories to the website, thus making it easy to navigate and find whatever interests a given visitor.

    Elias Metal

  • J.J. Virgin

    J.J. Virgin is a health and fitness instructor from LA, California. You can instantly spot that her website is much more complex than the first two on our list, but the reason is simple – J.J. is working in a much broader niche with dozens of smaller branches.

    What are the strengths of this website?

    The most important thing is that J.J. solves the issue of complexity rather elegantly. Her website is filled with useful information, but it doesn’t look messy because every section is clearly divided with a dedicated background color and the corresponding imagery.

    J.J. does her best to prove her authority, which is extremely important in health and fitness since the market is flooded with fake gurus and suspicious figures. Therefore, J.J. points out details like professional certificates, diplomas, and client testimonials.

    Another thing we need to mention is that J.J. adds upbeat images to the personal brand website and writes honest and appealing copies. That way, she evokes positive emotions and drives user engagement.

    JJ Virgin personal branded website

  • Nick Loper

    Nick Loper is running a personal brand website called Side Hustle Nation. He is a financial advisor and a business guru who tells people how to ditch their 9-to-5 jobs and earn more money doing unconventional work.

    What did we like about his personal brand website?

    As soon as you land on Nick’s homepage, you get to see his image with a sign “Will work for freedom.” It is the essence of his business story and Nick tells it right away. The best thing about Side Hustle Nation is the sheer enthusiasm shining out of the website – it convinces you that making money aside is at your fingertips.

    Of course, everything else is in the right place here. There are six categories dedicated to different business ideas, while you can learn a lot about Nick’s side hustle experiences from his blog or podcast.

    Side Hustle Nick brand website

  • Andy Martin

    Andy Martin is a musician and the owner of the best website among trombone players. It may look simple at first, but it takes a fair share of strategic thinking to design such a powerful and appealing site.

    What are the advantages of this personal brand website?

    We like pretty much everything, but let’s emphasize the elegance of the homepage image paired with Andy Martin’s incredible jazz tunes. It’s a straightforward and fair approach – you can listen to Andy’s music before deciding whether to enter the actual website.

    And as you begin browsing the website, you get to learn everything about Andy, his career, tour dates, earlier performances, and many more.

    Andy Martin Musician

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